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5 Facts and Stories from the Alaskan Bay Novel, Devano Comeback!

Alaska Bay novel stories made into a web series by MD Entertainment and first released on November 5, 2021 on WeTV Original. The Alaskan Bay novel was written by Eka Aryani and was booming on Wattpad. Want to know the synopsis of the Alaska Bay story that was made into a series and 5 unique facts? Read full information, ok!

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Alaska Bay Series

Before becoming a series, Wattpad stories from the Gulf of Alaska were uploaded by writer Eka Aryani. After going viral, Eka Aryani made it into a novel. Finally, the novel became one of the best selling novels in 2019.

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After being adapted into a series by MD Entertainment, on November 7 2021, this series has topped the WeTV Original.

Synopsis of the Gulf of Alaska

With drama and romance genres, Alaska Bay tells the story of Ana who is alone and has no friends. Ana always writes her stories and secrets in a pink diary.

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Ana was bullied by Tasya and Cindi. However, since the presence of the Moon in Ana’s life, Ana feels that she has a good friend. Ana became a more cheerful person than before. Apart from that, Alister, Ana’s childhood friend also reappears.

Ana and Alister have very different personalities. In a way, Alister is a violent person, while Ana is the opposite.

This difference is the reason Ana wants to find out more about Alister, as well as confirm whether Alister is really Ana’s childhood friend or not.

One day, Ana follows Alister after school. Alister is visiting his father’s grave. From here, Ana realized that Alister had a dark past and was a fragile person.

Ana is still trying to find all the answers that are troubling her mind even since knowing Alister’s secret little by little. Will Ana find out the truth? Who is Alister really?

Watch Alaska Bay only on WeTV Original, okay? Guaranteed you can get messages from the Gulf of Alaska after watching a total of 16 episodes/1 part in the first season.

5 Facts from the Alaska Bay Novel Stories Made into a Series by MD Entertainment

Here are 5 interesting facts from the Alaskan Bay story made into a series by MD Entertainment. You won’t believe it!

Adaptation of the Famous Wattpad Story of the Same Title

First of all, Eka Aryani wrote the Alaskan Bay story on Wattpad, then decided to turn the story into a novel in 2019. The Alaskan Bay novel won the best seller novel title that year, as well as the 2020 Book of the Year award from the Indonesian Publishers Association (Ikapi ).

However, because it is based on a Wattpad story, Devano Danendra admits that most readers have high expectations for the storyline after visualizing it. Devano, who played Alister, felt insecure about his role not meeting the expectations of the readers.

“I once played a character based on Wattpad. Wattpad fans are very detailed. They want what they read to be well visualized. Definitely nervous, afraid it won’t work. But, I’m happy since yesterday to see the comments on social media about this Alaska Bay series, it’s great. The cast is also happy with the results,” said Devano.

After Hiatus, Devano Danendra Comeback in Alaska Bay Series

Alaska Bay became a series played by Devano after he took a 2-year hiatus from acting. So, Devano still has to go through the casting process for the Alaska Bay series.

“When it comes to casting, I’m definitely casting. I really believe that MD Entertainment wants the best, so I went through the casting process and tried out for the role of Alister. Apparently, finally accepted, “said Devano.

Apart from that, Devano also admitted that he was happy to work with the MD Entertainment production house as well as take part in projects that were produced directly by MD Entertainment.

Good news, even though Devano Danendra had been on hiatus from the entertainment industry for two years, but after his comeback in the Alaska Bay series, Devano managed to play the character Alister very nicely, you know.

Adolescent stories that are closely related to everyday life

Alaska Bay tells the stories of teenagers who still relate to the daily lives of young people. This is one of the attractions of the Gulf of Alaska, guys.

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The connection between the Alaska Bay and the everyday stories of teenagers can also be proven from Devano Danendra’s song, “Teenager Stories,” which became the original soundtrack to the Alaska Bay.

According to Devano, when writing the song “Teenager Stories,” he happened to be nostalgic about his youth. Apart from taking inspiration from his past memories, the script and synopsis of the Alaska Bay series also became a new idea for Devano in creating this song.

“I just got back into acting, right, besides that I also sing the original soundtrack of the Alaska Bay. Thank you very much. This is the beginning of my return to being passionate about acting again. I want to make my fans happy and continue to be in the Indonesian film world,” said Devano.

Then, talking about playing Alister, how does Devano Danendra live up to this character, even though his character is so different?

Well, Devano always does exercises at home and with an acting coach. “There are many Alister attitudes that Devano doesn’t do much on a daily basis, but I try to be more fierce in playing Alister. Indeed, Alister actually cares,” said Devano.

Turns Out, Alister Is Ana’s Past!

According to the novel and series, Ana is Alister’s childhood friend who has been separated for a long time. Ana begins to suspect this when Alister becomes a new student at her school.

However, Alister is not as friendly and warm as the Alister Ana remembers. Ana always sees Alister avoiding her when Ana starts asking about her past.

In the end, Ana tries to find out about Alister and follows him after school.

Find out how Alister and Ana’s relationship was in the past, just by watching the Alaska Bay series on WeTV Original!

Devano Danendra Messages, “Watch Burem Pirates!”

Due to the large number of pirated Alaska Bay series on social media, Devano Danendra takes this matter seriously. According to Devano, those who carry out piracy of films or series do not appreciate the struggles of the cast and filmmakers.

According to Devano, the motivation to make the audience happy is not appreciated at all if the audience still watches movies or series via pirated rather than watching from the original platform. “It’s really sad. For friends who are still watching on Telegram, TikTok, until there are parts like that, I think it’s better to subscribe to OTT. Why is watching illegal? Burem!” Devano said.

Those are 5 interesting facts and a synopsis of the Alaska Bay series. More curious about the storyline, right? Watch the Alaska Bay series on WetV Original.

Remember, don’t watch pirated, OK!


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