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5 Seconds and Missing Prilly Latuconsina Behind the Scenes Edition

5 Seconds and Rasa Rindu are series based on a poem by Prilly Latuconsina. 5 Seconds Poetry and Feelings of Longing are not just about love, you know. Are you curious about the behind the scenes of 5 Seconds and Feeling Longing for Prilly Latuconsina? Here’s a behind-the-scenes edition for you!

5 Seconds and Missing Prilly Latuconsina Behind the Scenes Edition with Characters Via

Behind the scenes series 5 Seconds and Feelings of Longing this time is hosted by Prilly Latuconsina aka Via character, guys! Come on, see how Via did during the following shooting.

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Series 5 Detik and Rasa Rindu are directed by Monty Tiwa and produced by MD Entertainment. Let’s see the director directing the players of 5 Seconds and Rasa Rindu.

5-seconds-and-missing prilly latuconsina md entertainment

The shooting location is really natural, you know.

Prilly Latuconsina’s acting in this series is also super natural, professional and good as always. This is a sneak peak close up of Prilly Latuconsina playing the character Via.

According to Prilly Latuconsina, Via is a character who doesn’t give up easily. Via has a dream and believes that he is able to achieve this dream. Apart from that, Via always puts other people’s happiness above her own.

“He really thinks about the people around him. Sometimes he doesn’t think about himself, the important thing is that people are happy, the work gets done, he doesn’t even think about his personal life problems. “More or less the same as Prilly’s character,” said Prilly Latuconsina while smiling.

Talking about the character Via, Prilly Latuconsina also stated that this entire series was inspired by Prilly Latuconsina’s poetry collection, “I created the character Via in that poem. Even though there are several differences from the book and the series, I can already imagine what Via’s character is like and how she is depicted in this series.”

5 Seconds and Feeling Longing not only tells about the struggle for love, but the struggle in everything, such as your own life, family and dreams.

“We fight for our dreams. There are so many things that can be taken from this series. We can see someone’s persistence when they want to achieve their dreams. “All the characters here have dreams and have their own way of making them happen,” added Prilly Latuconsina.

So, that’s the behind-the-scenes edition of 5 Seconds and Feelings of Longing for Prilly Latuconsina as the character Via. For those of you who are curious about the life twists and turns of Via and the other characters, hurry up and watch 5 Seconds and Rasa Rindu only on WeTV Indonesia.

Don’t forget either listen to the soundtrack 5 Seconds and Rasa Rindu across digital streaming platforms!


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