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Both Bryan Domani and Gana Band Children 5 Seconds and Feeling Longing!

The contents of the book 5 Seconds and Feelings of Longing are a collection of poetry by Prilly Latuconsina which was published in 2017. Then, the book was made into a series by MD Entertainment with director Monty Tiwa and broadcast on WeTV Indonesia. Series 5 Seconds and Rasa Rindu are played apart from Prilly Latuconsina, there is Bryan Domani too, you know. Reportedly, they are both members of Bryan Domani’s band and the character Gana in the series. Take a look, come on!

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Bryan Domani’s band members and Gana’s character in 5 Seconds and Feelings of Longing, Bryan Domani was comfortable filming!

In real life, artist Bryan Domani is a member of a band, now one of the series 5 Seconds and Rasa Rindu cast, Bryan Domani also plays the character Gana who is a member of the band.

Come on, take a look at the following interview with band member Bryan Domani regarding the series 5 Seconds and Feeling of Longing!

The Beginning of Being Involved in the WeTV Original Series 5 Seconds and Feelings of Longing

Artist Bryan Domani was offered the 5 Seconds and Rasa Rindu project a year before the shooting process started. At that time, Bryan Domani was already interested in the storyline of this series, which was about a music band.

“Initially this was a musical film, but it turned out to be about the story of people looking for their dreams in the world of music and they were told they would be filming with Prilly,” said Bryan Domani.

Does Gana Have Something in Common with Bryan Domani in Real Life?

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Player of 5 Seconds and Rasa Rindu, Bryan Domani, admitted that what he has in common with the character he plays, Gana in the series 5 Seconds and Rasa Rindu is that they are both members of a band and love music.

“Myself, Bryan, I don’t really know who I am, but maybe the person is somewhat similar, but not very similar.”

Methods used by Bryan Domani to form chemistry between Via and Gana

Bryan Domani feels happy to be paired with playing a role with Prilly Latuconsina because before this project, the two of them had joined in a project together.

“The first time I did a project with her (Prilly Latuconsina), oh it was fun playing with her. She is a very talented actress and anyone who plays with her will immediately feel comfortable. “So for Via and Gana’s chemistry, it’s not too difficult, because we are both very open to discussion and Mr. Monty is also very helpful,” said Bryan Domani.

As a filler for OST 5 Seconds and Feelings of Longing, what song is Bryan Domani’s favorite? Why?

Bryan Domani admitted that he was bored because he often heard the song he sang entitled ‘5 Seconds for Missing’ even though he liked it. But, according to him, the catchiest songs from the 5 Detik dan Rasa Rindu EP are ‘Me and You’ and ‘Wind and Rain.’

“The story behind ‘Me and You’ is sadness and fear. “‘Wind and Rain’ is sad but full of hope,” said Bryan Domani.

With experience as a band member, Bryan Domani feels that the depiction of band members in this series is relevant or not? Both the Conflict and the Activity Process?

It turns out, according to Bryan Domani, the depiction of band members in the series 5 Seconds and Rasa Rindu is similar, you know!

“The drama behind the label is a bit similar too. Conflict between the bands. Especially if the band has girls, where feelings start to arise, but you can’t because you have to be professional. There is also the problem of the label, so it’s quite similar, really.”

Does Bryan Domani Believe in Love at First Sight?

“No! But really amazed at first sight, yes. Because I have. “If you love it, it takes time, in my opinion, but if you really admire it and immediately like it, yes,” answered Bryan Domani.

Partner, Friends, Work: Bryan Domani’s Priorities and Reasons!

Of these three categories, this is the order of priority according to Bryan Domani: work, partner, friends.

Bryan Domani prioritizes work because it is his future career. Next, Bryan Domani chose his partner and friends to support him in prioritizing work, “If you can’t support your work, forget them because they don’t really care about us.”

Next, Bryan Domani chose a partner as his second priority, “Friends can understand more when we have a partner and we focus more on them. If we focus more on friends, sometimes it’s our partner who doesn’t understand. “But, yeah, that’s how it is, couples and friends aren’t that different,” he said with a smile.

What are the difficulties of playing the character Gana in the series 5 Seconds and Feelings of Longing?

“Gana is a pretty good character, we could say it’s close to perfect, and Bryan Domani isn’t. “And playing that character without being boring is a bit difficult, that’s all,” answered band member Bryan Domani.

What message does Bryan Domani want to convey in the series 5 Seconds and Feelings of Longing?

“Chase your dreams even though there are many problems you will face, whether alone or together. If we really have high determination, it will be achieved even though we will be tired and drained. “But, if we are surrounded by the right people and have the same dreams, God willing, we will achieve them,” said Bryan Domani.

Very wise, guys! Are you curious about the 5 Seconds and Rasa Rindu episodes? It’s better for you to hurry up and watch the series 5 Seconds and Rasa Rindu only on WeTV Indonesia and listen to the soundtrack 5 Seconds and Rasa Rindu across digital platforms!


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