FILM Shares Rise 623%, This Is Manoj Punjabi’s Explanation

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – PT MD Pictures Tbk share price (FILM) has continued to rally since it was first traded on the Indonesia Stock Exchange on August 7 2018. It was recorded that the FILM coded stock price had risen 623.81% to a price level of IDR 1,520/share from IDR 210/share.

Responding to the surge in the share price, FILM’s Main Director Manoj Punjabi said that the strengthening was the result of a very large demand from investors for the company’s shares.

Manoj did not even imagine that the price of his shares would increase significantly after the company’s initial public offering (IPO) on August 7 2018 yesterday.



“If I see it, thank God that the demand is so fast, so I believe our company has value. We also didn’t imagine that the stock would be this fast, so the demand was beyond expectations and good,” he said Tuesday (21/8/18).

According to him, currently FILM has business development targets that have been finalized and finalized after the IPO event.

FILM’s ongoing corporate actions are seen as a positive value for its share price in the eyes of investors.

“There have been many company actions, such as joint ventures (joint ventures) and implementations that have been carried out. Of course, you have adequate equipment and funds and do not hinder these steps. Partners also exist, so all that remains is to take action,” he added.

Furthermore, the company also has no objections if the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) again suspends trading of FILM shares.

According to Manoj, apart from being a cooling down framework, the suspension is considered capable of proving that the company’s shares are truly tested shares without any pseudo trading in them.

“It’s fine, it’s okay for the market to cool down, the important thing is that the market demands genuine stocks. So we’ll let it slow down first, the important thing is that our company is truly trusted,” said Manoj.

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