HNATA - 24 (Official Audio)

HNATA – 24 (Official Audio)

Gilang Wisnandar, yang dikenal sebagai bassist duo asal Jakarta REBELSUNS kembali sebagai HNATA untuk merilis singel terbarunya yang berjudul “24”. “24” adalah lagu yang menyerap inspirasi-inspirasi dari era PURPOSE nya Justin Bieber ditambah dengan gaya vokal layering seperti No Rome. Lagu yang bisa dibilang ada nuansa-nuansa nostalgia dicampur dengan unsur-unsur moderen.

Lagu “24” ini ditulis dan di produce oleh Gilang Wisnandar sendiri sebagai HNATA, di co-produce dan engineer oleh GOONZ, mixing oleh Rama Harto dari Rekam Kamar Studio dan di master oleh Wisnu Ikshantama Wicaksana dari Soundpole Studios.

Song Credits:

Written by Gilang Wisnandar
Produced by Gilang Wisnandar, Goonz, Rama Harto
Mixed by Rama Harto at REKAMKEMAR
Mastered by Wisnu Ikhsantama Wicaksana at Soundpole Studios


I think we’re both at our limits
Let’s take it back for a minute
And no one knows if you’re in it to
Find the words for what I’m feeling

Lose it all in a wreckage
These second thoughts keeps us guessing
On how to deal with the pressure
In finding means of what’s it take to

come back down
Just to deal with honesty?
And what if we don’t come around
In time to say what we mean?

Once we’ll figure out
when we’re own your own

Left out in the dark
Cause that’s all we know

(Know when it’s time to go, time to go)

Better let them know
That they’re good to go
So when you let them go
Only then we’ll know

These feels in my chest
As I find myself still losing my breath
My 2 cents on love won’t mean nothing yet
And what if tomorrow I have nothing left?

Maybe I should know how to criticize
And when to apologize
they say the only way out is to look on the brighter side

Make up your mind, now
Make up your mind to find your
way back down just to deal with all of me
so what if we don’t come around
In time to say what we need

Distributed by : PT MD Musik Indonesia

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