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MD Entertainment Makes Novel Mozachiko Series WeTV Original

Mozachiko’s novel was made into a WeTV Original series by MD Entertainment and will be released on June 2, 2023. Read it here!

Jakarta, 2 June 2023 – PT MD Pictures Tbk (FILM), an MD Entertainment Company released the WeTV Original series “MOZACHIKO” Adapted from Mozachiko’s novel, which will air on June 2, 2023 on WeTV and iflix. The series is directed by Anto Agam and is played by famous and talented stars, namely Rebecca Klopper, Junior Roberts, Isaiah Abraham, Keisya Levronka, Davina Karamoy, Kiara McKenna, Fadi Alaydrus, Jessica Shaina and Bertram Beryl.

The Mozachiko WeTV series, adapted from Wattpad & the best selling novel by Poppi Pertiwi, tells the romance of Moza & Chiko which begins with a one-sided love relationship to their struggle to stay together. This refreshing teen romance series will air on June 2, 2023 exclusively on WeTV and iflix.

MD Entertainment together with WeTV also held a press conference on the same day with casts, creators, and media partners.

Manoj Punjabiconvey,

“Through ‘Mozachiko’, MD and WeTV are ready to entertain Indonesian film lovers with a teen romance series that will make viewers nostalgic for love stories from their school days. This highly anticipated series will air on June 2, 2023 exclusively on WeTV and iflix platforms. Watch the love triangle of Rebecca Klopper, Junior Roberts, and Isaiah Abraham, which makes you excited and excited on WeTV Original Mozachiko.”

Original Soundtrack WeTV Original ‘Mozachico’

young Singer, Nadhif Basalamah back to presenting his latest work. This time in collaboration with LAZEfamous Indonesian rappers, they are ready to decorate the backdrop for one of MD Entertainment’s newest series, namely ‘Mozachiko’.

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Together Indonesian Music MD, Nadhif Basalamah and LAZE brought together in the same project entitled ‘Never Let You Go’. According to the serial story, ‘Never Let You Go’ tells about the regret of someone who feels that his love comes too late and when that feeling is there he chooses to leave.

Written by Eltandre (Raquel Lewi, Mytha Lestari, Andre Lizt) and Havie Parkasya (LAZE), this song does have a deep meaning. But uniquely ‘Never Let You Go’ is still packed with contemporary style and the RnB genre.

‘Never Let You Go’ can be enjoyed from date June 02, 2023 on various digital streaming platforms. And look forward too Official Video Lyric on MD Music’s YouTube channel and wait for more special surprises Original Soundtrack “Mozachiko” only on social media MD Music.

Synopsis of ‘Mozachiko’

Official Trailers:

Moza and Chiko are like water and oil that cannot mix. This is something that Moza only realizes when he tries to make Chiko his girlfriend in 100 days. Moza, who is innocent, spontaneous, and outspoken, has no way of getting Chiko, the coolest guy in school.

However, it wouldn’t be Moza if he just gave up. Nancy, the most popular girl in school, has been disturbed since Moza arrived. Complicated situations occur not only at school, but also in Moza’s personal life because of Nancy’s background.

Only one person is able to see who Moza really is, namely Draco, a quiet and cold upperclassman figure, a photographer with sharp eyes and intuition. Moza, who at his new school was labeled as stupid and tacky, now has the opportunity to show his true colors.

Moza takes extreme steps to achieve her goal and Chiko’s reaction upon learning this shocks everyone.

You already know, right, when Mozachiko airs? Yes, that is June 2, 2023. Don’t forget to watch Mozachiko episode 1 and beyond only on WeTV Original!

About PT MD Pictures Tbk

MD Pictures is one of the largest media companies in Indonesia and the first national film company to be listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) with the code FILM.

With an integrated system and sophisticated facilities covering the entire production chain, MD Pictures is always ready to entertain, educate and inspire audiences, and to become a pioneer in the Indonesian film industry through innovation and collaboration to produce high-value film products.


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