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Profile of Uncle Hao, the figure behind the success of the Land of Java story

Javanica definitely knows and is a big fan of Uncle Hao, do you admit it? Yep! Uncle Hao is the figure behind his success The Story of the Land of Java, a YouTube channel whose content is about mystical history in the Land of Java based on true events. Well, but actually, who is Om Hao in the Story of the Land of Java? Come on, take a look at Uncle Hao’s profile and his career journey!

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Uncle Hao’s Profile: Getting to Know Uncle Hao, the Figure Behind the Success of the Land of Java Story

Surely many people, including you, are asking what is Uncle Hao’s real name or what year was Uncle Hao born? This is a short profile of Uncle Hao!

Full Name: Hari A. Kurniawan

Popular Name: Uncle Hao


Birth: Jombang, 13 April 1987

Education: Gajah Mada University, Faculty of History

Status: Married (since January 2023)

Wife’s Name: Dea

Profession: writer, content creator, historian

Instagram: @omhao13

YouTube Channel: The Story of the Land of Java

Uncle Hao will marry Dea in January 2023, guys, we pray that Uncle Hao will last forever, okay?

uncle hao md entertainment profile

Well, Uncle Hao is not only a content creator, but also a historian and very sensitive to mystical things. This gift is enhanced by the ability to carry out retrocognition, namely going back to the past and seeing a certain event.

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Om Hao has written several works such as Jogja Hidden Story and Djawa Hidden Story. Because of this work, Uncle Hao was invited to Deddy Corbuzier’s podcast in 2021.

Uncle Hao’s Unique Abilities Related to the Supernatural

Popular with the name Om Hao, this man born in Jombang in 1987 admitted that there are seven auras within him and that he has had this supernatural ability since he was little, “In the past, he always wanted to play football but wasn’t invited. “In fact, friends who are invisible often invite us to play,” said Uncle Hao.

Since childhood, Uncle Hao has been surrounded by family who have the same abilities as him. Uncle Hao once told me that someone had sent blackmail from his father’s business rival. Uncle Hao often sees scary creatures. “Luckily there is a grandfather who understands my condition, he has a strong Javanese philosophy,” said Uncle Hao.

According to Uncle Hao, astral creatures are seen as energy from the outer eye, different from the inner eye which cannot be explained. If you describe it, it will be like opening up layers of infinity, the deeper you open it, the smoother it becomes. When a person has a brain frequency of 5hz, he can feel the energy of astral beings, because spirits are called “subtle” because their waves are below 5hz.

A little story about Uncle Hao’s experience with astral creatures. Uncle Hao once found an explanation of astral creatures which turned out to be different from the historical explanation, namely when exploring the Daendels postal highway.

In history lessons, natives were forced to work for the Dutch and tortured but not paid. In fact, an astral creature who was a former Dutch worker said that the natives met the Dutch themselves because of the feudal system. Natives were given wages, but financial records were lost and some money also went into the pockets of feudal lords.

Om Hao The Story of the Land of Java: The Journey to the Success of a Historically Based Horror YouTube Channel

Talking about education, Uncle Hao doesn’t want to be careless about his abilities, so this is what encouraged Uncle Hao to continue his Masters studies at Gajah Mada University, majoring in history.

Om Hao realized his ability and tenacity to learn history by building the YouTube channel Tanah Jawa Story with 10 people in his team in 2018. Om Hao’s way of explaining mystical things with an approach based on historical facts is indeed rare in society, therefore, Story Tanah Jawa is a unique channel that everyone likes.

Even though the Story of the Land of Java (KTJ) sounds like it focuses only on the island of Java, actually this name was formed because Uncle Hao and his team grew up in Java, so according to him, before crossing the land, Uncle Hao must first understand what is in his homeland. However, Uncle Hao doesn’t hesitate to explore history in places other than Java.

Returning to the discussion about Om Hao’s ability to retrocognize, it turns out that this ability is used to trace historical traces and mystical things which will be uploaded on YouTube The Story of the Land of Java.

Based on Uncle Hao’s explanation, retrocognition is the same as analyzing, concluding and reconstructing an event that once occurred. Retrocognition practitioners must be bilingual. For example, Colonial means Dutch, Javanese means Javanese, or even Japanese. Very cool, Uncle Hao!

“Don’t be careless. If you want to go to 1920, you meet a figure who claims to know even though his clothes are from 1840, it means he is lying. If retrocognition is added to historical data, that is KTJ’s output so far. After it is tested and there is a story that fits the facts, then it becomes a KTJ episode, for example “Jawa Kalung Besi” and “Bintaro Tragedy,” explained Om Hao.

From a story on a YouTube channel to finally being filmed!

The success of Om Hao and the Story of the Land of Java does not only extend to his YouTube channel which has attracted many subscribers and Javanica, but there are Om Hao’s stories that were filmed, namely the Story of the Land of Java Merapi and the Story of the Land of Java Pocong Gundul, you know!

In particular, what fans are most looking forward to is the film Story of Tanah Jawa Pocong Gundul because it is adapted from the real experience of Om Hao’s retrocognition and meeting the figure of Pocong Gundul named Walisdi. This film was produced by MD Pictures and directed by Awi Suryadi, with talented actors such as Deva Mahenra, Della Dartyan, Pritt Timothy, and others!

In the film, it is told that Uncle Hao initially intended to help look for a female student who suddenly disappeared, but instead the figure of a bald pocong who during his lifetime practiced high levels of black magic came to haunt Uncle Hao.

Therefore, Uncle Hao carried out retrocognition to the life of Walisdi, the bald pocong and revealed the reason why this figure still haunts and takes sacrifices.

So, that’s the profile of Om Hao, the figure behind the success of the Tanah Jawa Story and his story which was filmed on the big screen.

Are you curious about the continuation of Uncle Hao’s real experience of meeting Walisdi? Watch the film The Story of Tanah Jawa Pocong Gundul with the people closest to you, OK, and listen to the soundtrack sung by Iwa K and Madukina entitled ‘Mantra Dahana’ across digital streaming platforms!


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