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Soap operas Sweet Dreams, when Dewi Perssik was Still Lilis!

Remember Peach Goddess? In the soap opera Manis Mimpi, Dewi Perssik becomes Lilis, guys! This is the synopsis and list of cast members for the soap opera Manis Mimpi by MD Entertainment!

Do you still remember Dewi Persik? Indonesian actress and singer who is legendary because of her long career in the entertainment world. So, this time, let’s discuss one of the viral soap operas, namely the soap Mimpi Manis. From here, the name Dewi Perssik soared, you know. Keep scrolling down!

Link to watch soap operas Sweet Dreams;

Dewi Perssik Sweet Dreams, Playing at the Beginning of a Soap Opera to Get an Award!

The soap opera Sweet Dreams is soap operas produced by MD Entertainment and premiered on January 21, 2006 on SCTV. Directed by Gul Khan and Rama Junarko, the soap Sweet Dreams stars popular artists from ancient times, guys.

For example, MD Entertainment’s FTV artistDewi Perssik, Iqbal Pakula, and many other artist names who starred in MD Entertainment’s Sweet Dreams soap opera.

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The following is a list of MD Entertainment’s soap operas Sweet Dreams:

  • Dewi Perssik as Lilis/Desi.
  • Iqbal Pakula as Aldi.
  • Cahaya Mustika as Karina.
  • Julia Perez as Rena.
  • Aditya Herpavi Rachman as Yusuf.
  • Lia Waode as Berta.
  • Ricky Perdana as Koko.
  • Verlita Evelyn as Linda.
  • Erly Ashy as Fajri’s mother.
  • Arief Rivan as Jurangan Wira.
  • Debby Cynthia Dewi as Jeng Sari.
  • Yati Surachman as Lilis’ mother/Grandma Desi.
  • Elsye Virgita as Ida.
  • Habibi as Tora.
  • Yayuk Suseno as Jeng Trishna.
  • Pierre Rolland as Fajr.
  • Ronald Gustav as Wanto.
  • Wahid Sabillah as Joko.
  • Eva Anindhita.
  • Ryan Hidayatullah.
  • Niesrina.
  • André Geovano.
  • Ida Laviani.
  • Silvana Herman.
  • Rifky.

Fun fact, the original singer of the song Mimpi Manis aka Sweet Dreams soundtrack is sung by Rieka with the same title, namely “Sweet Dreams.” The song was produced by MD Music together with AMI Records.

The song “Mimpi Manis” was released in the same year when the soap opera Mimpi Manis was first released, namely in 2006. Then, Dewi Perssik also covered the song and it went really viral!

Synopsis of soap operas Mimpi Manis, when Dewi Perssik was still Lilis

Lilis (Dewi Perssik) is told to be a village girl who is both beautiful and innocent. Lilis lives with her mother by staying at the house of their close relatives, namely the Entin and Tatang couple

Once upon a time, Lilis and her mother lived quite well. However, after Lilis’ father passed away, they entrusted their family’s wealth to Entin and Tatang.

Unfortunately, instead of being managed properly, Entin and Tatang made Lilis and her mother lose everything. This is what forced Lilis and her mother to live a miserable life with Entin and Tatang.

Even so, Lilis really wants to become a dangdut singer and become famous. And with their living conditions that are on the verge of poverty, Lilis still has high hopes for her dream.

One day, Aldi (Iqbal Pakula) comes to Lilis’ life as a savior. Aldi is a music producer who has a handsome appearance. Aldi believes that Lilis has the potential to become a dangdut singer.

As time goes by, Aldi falls in love with Lilis and intends to bring Lilis to Jakarta to start a career.

Unfortunately, Lilis’ dream of becoming a famous dangdut singer is almost crushed when landlord Juragan Wira (Arief Rivan) arrives.

Juragan Wira already has more than one wife, but is still determined to marry Lilis. Juragan Wira’s wish was actually supported by Entin and Tatang. Entin and Tatang thought that if Lilis became Juragan Wira’s wife, their lives would be guaranteed.

In fact, Lilis did not want that at all.

Then, what will happen to Lilis in pursuing her dream of becoming a dangdut singer? Will Lilis succeed in becoming famous and escape Juragan Wira and the Entin and Tatang couples?

Awards and Nominations Obtained by soap operas Mimpi Manis

Year Award Category Recipient Results
2006 SCTV Awards 2006 Most Popular Program Sweet Dreams Win
Most Popular Actress Peach Goddess nomination
AMI Awards 2006 Song of the Year category Contemporary Dangdut Album Sweet Dreams — (Dewi Persik) Win
Album of the Year category Contemporary Dangdut Album Sweet Dreams — (Dewi Persik) Win
2007 Bandung Film Festival 2007 Commendable Soap Opera Music Arranger Iwang Modulus Win

So, that’s the award, the cast list, and the synopsis for the soap Cinta Manis. guys, watch soap operas Sweet Dreams only on MD Entertainment’s YouTube channel to know the full story, ok?

There, you will be able to watch Mimpi Manis – episodes 2, 1, until they run out. Make sure to check out the playlists!


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