What Five Stocks Gained the Most This Week?

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Five entrenched stocks became the printers for the highest price increases (top gainer) this week and share the gains in market value increases for its shareholder investors, even though the Jakarta Composite Index (JCI) was depressed by 1.78% (-108.25 points) to 5,968.75.Newcomer shares PT MD Pictures Tbk (FILM) lead in position first with a jump of 65.24% to IDR 1,545 per unit share. Since its initial listing at Rp. 210/unit, the shares of this glass and widescreen film producer have shot up 635.7% to Rp. 1,545 per unit.



“There have been many corporate actions, such as joint ventures (joint venture) as well as the implementations that have been carried out. Of course you have equipment as well as adequate funds and not hindering this step,” said MD Pictures Main Director Manoj Punjabi commenting on the increase in the company’s share price.Previously, Manoj admitted that his party mobilized its artists to participate in investing by buying shares of the company which was founded 15 years ago. So far, there has been no significant corporate action by the company giving reasons for the price increase.What is certain, the parties who also benefit from this condition are the creditors of MD Pictures who hold mandatory convertible bonds (MCB) namely LVP Investment Holding Ltd valued at IDR 25 billion or the equivalent of 119.05 million FILM shares.Now, with the debt capital of Rp 25 billion, the value of assets owned by LVP Investment in the form of FILM shares has shot up more than seven times, to Rp 184.93 billion.Shares of PT Bank Ganesha Tbk (BGTG) is in position second with an increase of 12.99% to IDR 87 per unit. The increase was in line with predictions CNBC Indonesia Research Team which at the beginning of this week predicted a strengthening of the financial issuer’s shares.Even technically, BGTG’s stock level is at a support point (support) which had been predicted earlier, namely at Rp. 87 per unit. That is, this stock is starting to be oversold (oversold) or worth buying.Bank Ganesha’s shares are increasingly being traded after being included in the Pefindo-25 index list. This index compiled by PT Pemeringkat Efek Indonesia (Pefindo) contains a list of 25 small and medium-sized stocks (SMEs) that have a return on equity (return on equity/ROE) is high.Last January, rumors circulated that Bank Ganesha was being targeted by PT Bank Central Asia Tbk (BBCA) to be acquired. Although both parties denied the rumours, the stock rally that occurred made PT Equity Development Investment Tbk as the holder of 66.1% of the company’s shares record an increase in market value.


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