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5 Ways to Attract the Attention of Women and Men

5 ways to attract women’s attention according to the cast of the Night Butterfly, read in full!

Do you like him but are really confused about how to approach him? Relax, this time, the cast of Butterfly Night will give you a leak on how to attract the attention of women and men for you. Come on, pay attention to the following points according to the cast of the Night Butterfly!

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Butterfly Night: MD Entertainment’s Rated 18+ Series

This booming series, Butterfly Night is produced by MD Entertainment and premiered on WeTV Original on November 25 2022. This series tells of a female student who works part-time as a prostitute at night to pay for her sister’s treatment.

Night Butterfly Series starring famous players who dare to appear out of the box such as Michelle Ziudith, Rizky Nazar, Kenny Austin, Lukman Sardi, Dinda Kanyadewi, and many more.

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Due to its vulgarity, the Butterfly Night series is rated 18+, so the cast and all MD Entertainment crew also urge everyone who is not old enough not to watch this series.

5 Ways to Attract the Attention of Women and Men According to the Butterfly Night Cast

Curious about how to effectively attract the attention of women and men? Here, the cast of Butterfly Night share important points. Listen, yes!

Be What You Are and Be Yourself

Maybe you could say it’s a psychological trick to attract women or men, here, the first tip is to be yourself and appear as you are, guys.

“As it is and confident, because we have to convince the opposite sex that we are really serious. And if you are confident, the vibes that we bring will definitely be good too,” said Rizky Nazar.

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This tip is also supported by Steffi Zamora who said, “You just have to be yourself from the start.”

Kenny Austin also added, “Don’t be exaggerated!”

Come on, remember, guys, don’t be exaggerated, OK? Must appear as it is and confident first to attract the attention of women or men!

Never Give Up and Patience

To get her attention, don’t give up, OK? Must be patient.

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“Must be patient and don’t give up!” said Kenny Austin.

Imagine if you are passionate and you are impatient, it could be that the opposite sex that you are close to is ilfeel and away from you, you know. In essence, run it first and let it flow as naturally as possible!

Do not exaggerate!

According to Steffi Zamora, the tips for getting the attention of women or men are by not being overly personal.

“For the first steps, don’t expect too much. Just relax. If you like this person, go ahead. If for example it does, thank God, if it doesn’t, that’s fine, calm down. You can find another one, really,” said Steffi Zamora.

Good Looking

Dinda Kanyadewi said you have to be a sweet person. This means you can still be yourself, but you need to take the time to learn how to look good and speak good.

“You have to make an effort to look beautiful or attractive, that is, to attract attention,” said Steffi Zamora.

Rizky Nazar also said, “Looking good can give a good impression to the opposite sex.”

Receive and Listen

“We have to accept whatever decision he makes because we have to be good listeners. If we want to be accepted by him, we must also accept, right,” according to Rizky Nazar, you must be able to try to listen to and accept the opposite sex!

Then, Rizky Nazar added, “To be honest with anyone including ourselves. So, let’s be honest,’ he said.

Of all the tips given by the cast of Butterfly Malam above, don’t forget to apply them in the real world, because they definitely relate!

So, to make the tips more mature, watch the Butterfly Night series on WeTV Original too so you can find out how the cast is close to the opposite sex they like! Then, listen to the original soundtrack of the Night Butterfly which was sung by Virzha titled Butterfly Night, yes1


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