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7 Butterflies Cast Sharing New Things Obtained during Filming

7 cast members of Butterfly Night share about new things they got during the shooting process!

One of the series that is given an adult rating, 18+, Butterfly Night, is a series that tells about a woman who works part time as a prostitute, aka sex worker. Perhaps, this show is new to the public, but it turns out that the cast of Butterfly Night also feel that playing a role in the Butterfly Night series provides many lessons, you know.

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Butterfly Night, MD Entertainment’s Series, which is a fresh watch about the point of view of a prostitute

Butterfly Night series is a web series directed by MD Entertainment, one of the biggest PH in Indonesia. This series airs on the WeTV Original digital streaming platform and will air for the first time on November 25, 2022.

Night Butterfly Player admit that they try to get out of their comfort zone when role playing. Like Michelle Ziudith who became the main character in the Butterfly Night series as a prostitute.

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Michelle Ziudith has never played a role like this before, she even uses a body-double for vulgar scenes. However, Michelle Ziudith and other players remain professional in playing their respective characters. This is proven by how good this series is, you know!

7 Butterflies Cast Sharing New Things Obtained during Filming

Apart from being a new spectacle for the public, the following 7 cast of Butterfly Night will also share about the shooting process and unforgettable experiences.

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According to Dinda Kanyadewi who plays Mami Rachel, everyone cannot judge other people’s choices because whatever their choice, whether they want to be considered negative or not, they must have their own reasons.

That’s what the Butterfly Night series depicts. That is when Laura has to pay for the treatment of her sister who is seriously ill, but has no money, so Laura is willing to do anything to earn a lot of money. Finally, Laura also works part-time as a prostitute under Mami Rachel.

Kenny Austin responded to the storyline of the Night Butterfly series by saying that life always has problems and in the Night Butterfly, the problems that come up are not something that everyone can easily handle. “Everyone has a background or certain conditions that force themselves to do something,” he said.

One of the players who immediately rose to fame for being a sugar daddy in the Butterfly Night series, Lukman Sardi, commented, “This proves several things that could be considered not good. It’s pretty new to me. But, indeed the story is like that, not a story made up. Whatever adult content exists, it must be brought out. If not, the (series) will be stale,” said Lukman Sardi.

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When it comes to new things apart from the storyline, the cast of Butterfly Night like Imran Ismail, Jennifer Collar, Keanu Campora and Rizky Nazar admit that they found many new things while filming.

“I have a scene that is a bit different from other series I’ve played. This is also the first scene in Indonesia,” said Keanu Campora. What scene is that?

According to Rizky Nazar, the new thing is playing the role of a doctor and understanding the interesting storyline of the Butterfly Night series.

Meanwhile, for Jennifer Collar, all the shooting processes that took place were new things for her. “If there are days when I don’t have calls, I still come to the set. For example, there is a scene that finishes at 12 noon, I stay until 1 am. I learned a lot, from other actors, crew, Mas Anggy too,” Jennifer said happily.

“What’s interesting is that I’ve worked with a lot of players that I’ve never worked with before. From there, I learned a lot,” said Lukman Sardi in closing the conversation about new things during the shooting process for the Butterfly Night series.

That’s the testimony of the players about the process of filming the Night Butterfly. So exciting! Maybe you are curious about the ending of the Night Butterfly?

Hurry up and watch the Butterfly Night series only on WeTV Original. No need to worry, you can immediately watch the full episode of Butterfly Night in the first season!


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