FILM Stocks Skyrocketed More Than 20%, What’s Up?

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Film shares owned by Manoj Punjabi, namely PT MD Pictures Tbk (FILM) managed to shoot up more than 20% in trading session I Tuesday (30/5/2023).

As of 12:00 WIB, FILM shares had soared 20.28% to a price of IDR 2,550/share.

In the first trading session, FILM shares were traded 9,471 times with a volume of 47.28 million shares and the transaction value reached Rp 115.32 billion. The market capitalization currently reaches IDR 24.25 trillion.



Until 12:00 WIB, in order to offer or sell, there are 390 lots queuing at a price of IDR 2,550/share or around IDR 99.5 million. While the most selling queues were at a price of IDR 2,600/share, which reached 13,920 queuing lots or around IDR 3.6 billion.

While in bid or buy orders, there are 752 lots queued at a price of IDR 2,540/share or around IDR 191 million. The biggest queues to buy were at Rp. 2,500/share, which amounted to 3,614 lots or around Rp. 903.5 million.

It is not yet known what caused FILM’s share price to skyrocket in session I today. But in the last week, FILM’s shares have shot up 32.12%, even though in yesterday’s trading it had fallen 6.19% and almost touched auto reject bottom (ARB).

However, according to FILM management, 2023 will be an extraordinary year with a surge in financial performance.

MD Pictures is currently preparing a strategy to expand the business and new opportunities that will be financed from the proceeds from the additional capital with pre-emptive rights (HMETD) or rights issue.

MD Pictures, owned by the Punjabi family, can use the proceeds rights issue to penetrate two lines of media business simultaneously, namely Over The Top (OTT) through Mox, platforms OTT owned by the company, as well as free to water (FTAs). The strategy is, OTT as the main driver of company growth and FTA as cash cow.

Moreover, with the action of the film ‘Sewu Dino’ during the 2023 Eid holiday, this can increase FILM’s revenue coffers this year.

Previously, during the 2023 Eid holiday, the film ‘Sewu Dino’ managed to receive a positive response from the Indonesian people, especially film lovers.

Evidently, the film directed by Kimo Stamboel managed to reach an audience of more than one million viewers in less than a week or more precisely six days since it premiered in theaters.

This information was delivered directly by the producer, Manoj Punjabi.

The film ‘Sewu Dino’ is a horror film produced by MD Pictures which is based on threads viral by SimpleMan.

Not only this year’s Eid, on the previous year’s Eid, MD Pictures also “got blessings” thanks to the screening of the horror film KKN Desa Penari which also premiered during last year’s Eid holiday.

It is known, the number of viewers for the film KKN Desa Penari last year reached 7 million viewers, becoming the best-selling Indonesian horror film in 2022.


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