Dancer Village KKN Trailer Released, MD Pictures Shares Increase 22%

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Issuer of film production houses, PT MD Pictures Tbk (FILM) Together with Pichousefilms, they officially released the Teaser Poster and Trailer for their newest horror film in 2020 entitled “KKN: Di Desa Penari” at MD Place, Jakarta, last Wednesday (22/1/2020).

Based on the press release, this horror genre film is based on a story that has spread and gone viral on social media from a man known as Simpleman. Tells the story of a group of students who visit a village to conduct Community Service Program (KKN).

In the midst of the first release of the teaser and trailer for the horror film, on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX), FILM shares in trading session I this morning, Thursday (23/1/2020) at 10.47 WIB are still being traded in negative territory.

FILM shares minus up to 5.98% at the level of IDR 220/share with a transaction value of IDR 2.20 billion and a trading volume of 9.67 million shares. MD Pictures’ market capitalization in the capital market reached Rp 2.09 trillion.

Despite being minus today, FILM shares in the last month of trading still strengthened up to 22.22%, meanwhile year to date foreign investors booked buying action (new buy) IDR 3.24 billion in the regular market.

FILM was the first film company to take the floor on the IDX on August 7 2018. At the time of the initial offering (IPO/initial public offering) FILM’s share price was released at Rp 280/share. Then this stock went wild and rose up to 453% to a price level of IDR 1,550/share.

The number of shares released to the public last year was 15% of the total number of shares listed. FILM is a company that produces a number of well-selling films and soap operas which are shown in local cinemas. Some of the films include Danur 3, Twivortiare, Ayat-Ayat Cinta 2, and Habibie & Ainun.

The film “KKN: Di Desa Penari” will premiere simultaneously on March 19 2020 in all cinemas in Indonesia.

“This film is the result of a collaboration between two printers box office horror film namely Manoj Punjabi as producer and Awi Suryadi as director. This film stars actors and actresses such as Fajar Nugraha, Aghniny Haque, Calvin Jeremy, Adinda Thomas, Tissa Biani, Ahmad Megantara, Kiki Narendra, Aulia Sarah, Aty Cancer and Diding Boneng,” wrote the MD Pictures press release.



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