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9 Photos of Cinta Fitri’s Players Now: Nostalgia for Viral Soap Operas

Here are 9 photos of Cinta Fitri’s players now! If you want nostalgia with the old Cinta Fitri soap opera, you can watch it on MD Entertainment’s YouTube!

Remember soap opera Cinta Fitri which premiered on television in 2007, right? Yes! The soap Cinta Fitri went viral, reaching a total of seven seasons. Approximately, how are the previous and present Cinta Fitri players? Nosy? Come on, take a peek at the following 9 photos of Cinta Fitri soap opera players!

Link to watch soap opera Cinta Fitri:

Do you miss the soap opera Cinta Fitri on television? These are 9 Photos of Fitri’s Love Players Now

Want to know how the portrait of the cast of Cinta Fitri is now after the soap opera that has aired on television has ended since 2011 now? Read it to the end!

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Shireen Sungkar

Shireen Sungkar is married to Teuku Wisnu, who also plays the soap Cinta Fitri, you know. Their marriage is durable and gossip-free, guys. Lately, they often vacation abroad, such as the Netherlands and France. In fact, Teuku Wisnu even uploaded an Instagram post containing tips for fathers in maintaining a lasting marriage.

Long live Shireen Sungkar and Teuku Wisnu!

Teuku Vishnu

This is one of the latest portraits of Teuku Wisnu and Shireen Sungkar. They also recently had a double date with Shireen Sungkar’s sister, Zaskia Sungkar and her husband, Irwansyah. Netizens say that is a role model!

It is necessary to maintain a marriage relationship so that it lasts forever. In the midst of rampant divorce cases among artists, Teuku Wisnu and Shireen Sungkar are even sticking together!

Adly Fairuz

Adly Fairuz married Angbeen Rishi privately in 2020. Here’s his latest portrait with his wife!

Dinda Kanyadewi

Dinda Kanyadewi, who plays the antagonist in the soap opera Cinta Fitri, is now getting closer to the entertainment world. Dinda has played in many films and series, one of the newest is the Butterfly Night series. In the Night Butterfly seriesDinda Kanyadewi becomes Mami Rachel.

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The celebrity couple Donia and Adi Nugroho are reported to have started teaching their children to worship at the mosque, guys! What a stunning change from Donita and family, huh!

Verlita Evelyn

Verlita Evelyn took a break from the entertainment world, reportedly because she was still comfortable being a housewife.

Verlita Evelyn also came to the funeral of one of the Cinta Fitri players who died, Iqbal Pakula, you know.

Sandy Sharif

Shandy Syarif had come to the MD Entertainment office in Setiabudi to take part in a joint mass blood donation event CEO of MD Entertainment, Manoj Punjabi. In fact, he became a celebrity representative who attended.

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Shandy Syarif also has a busy shooting schedule, but still tries to make time for his two daughters.

Boy Tirayoh

This is Pak Hutama’s cast in Cinta Fitri, guys! Boy Tirayoh is a talented artist who has been in the entertainment world since the 1980s.

Louise Anastasya

The cast of Cinta Fitri as Sita is married to Eugenio Cimolin, a man from Italy, and has been blessed with a child named Cesco Liam.

Louise Anastasya is already 4 years old, but still looks like 20 years old, right?

So, those are 9 portraits of Cinta Fitri’s current players, many of whom are still active in the entertainment world, and some who are comfortable with married life.

For those of you who want to watch the soap opera Cinta Fitri again for nostalgia, you can watch it on MD Entertainment’s YouTube channelyes, guys.

In fact, in 2021, MD Entertainment is releasing again Love Fitri series (remake) with a fresher cast, such as Tissa Biani, Rizky Nazar, and so on.

You can watch the Cinta Fitri season 1 series only on WeTV Original, okay?


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