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Synopsis of Cinta Fitri, a Legendary Soap Opera Watched by Millions of People!

This is a synopsis of Cinta Fitri, which aired on SCTV and Indosiar from 2007 to 2011. This is also a legendary soap opera that has been watched by millions of people!

The soap opera Cinta Fitri is one of MD Entertainment’s productions which is super viral, and has had millions of viewers since it first aired on television in April 2007. Let’s take a look at the synopsis of Cinta Fitri and the main cast!

Cinta Fitri soap, a legendary soap that is watched by millions of people

Cinta Fitri is a soap opera which premiered on April 2, 2007 on SCTV, then moved to Indosiar. The soap opera Cinta Fitri was directed by H. Encep Masduki and produced by MD Entertainment.

Since its initial release, Cinta Fitri has been watched by millions of viewers, which is what has made this soap opera last for a total of seven seasons!

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Here are the main cast of Cinta Fitri:

  • Shireen Sungkar as Fitri Rahayu.
  • Teuku Wisnu as Farrell Emeraldi Hutama.
  • Adly Fairuz as Aldo.
  • Donita as Moza.
  • Dinda Kanyadewi as Mischa.
  • Louise Anastasya as Sita.
  • Sandy Sharif as Faiz.
  • Verlita Evelyn as Maya.
  • Iqbal Pakula as Bram.
  • Nuri Maulida as Kayla.
  • Lian Firman as Hadi.
  • Dea Lestari as Rita.
  • Irene Librawati as Lia.
  • Ochie Anggraini as Pinkan.
  • Meidiana Hutomo as Mrs. Lik Rini.
  • Ayu Diah Pasha as Asifa.

In fact, this legendary soap opera was made into the Cinta Fitri WeTV Original series by MD Entertainment. Apart from being nostalgic, the past and present Cinta Fitri players (series version) are also different, you know. MD Entertainment features fresher faces, such as Tissa Biani, Rizky Nazar, Omar Daniel, Dimas Anggara, Lydia Kandou, and many more.

If you miss the soap opera Cinta Fitri and want to watch the latest version, you can stream Cinta Fitri The Series only on WeTV Original.

Synopsis of Fitri’s Love

Cinta Fitri consists of seven seasons, including the special season of Ramadhan, guys. Here is the synopsis.

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First, the synopsis of Cinta Fitri season 1, which tells about the beginning of the introduction of Fitri (Shireen Sungkar) and Farrell (Teuku Wisnu).

Fitri is an innocent girl who is tacky, cheerful, kind and never has prejudice against other people. Fitri is from Wonogiri and is going to Jakarta to meet the family of her future husband, Firman.

Naas, Firman is dead. However, Fitri wanted to stay in Jakarta. Unfortunately, her wallet was stolen when she arrived at the bus terminal.

Finally, Fitri works at a soto stall owned by Maya, the first child of the wealthy Pak Hutama family. However, Maya was kicked out of her family because she married Bram, a man who was not her equal.

It was then that Fitri met Farrell. The seeds of love began to grow, but Farrell was betrothed to Moza. Meanwhile, Farrell still can’t move on from Mischa, his ex-girlfriend who is studying abroad.

Until finally, Mischa came into Farrel’s life again and put him in a dilemma about his feelings for Mischa and Fitri.

Season 2 continues with Fitri and Farrell finally getting married. Conflicts between the Hutama family began to emerge in the following seasons.

After Fitri and Farrel were blessed with a son named Raffa, Mischa still disturbed Fitri and Farrel’s household life and wanted to do everything possible to destroy the family, including planning to kidnap Raffa.

Awards Won by Soap Opera Cinta Fitri

The following is a list of awards won by Cinta Fitri!

Year Award Category Recipient
2007 SCTV Awards 2007 Popular Actor Teuku Vishnu
2008 SCTV Awards 2008 Ngetop Program Cinta Fitri Season 2
Popular Actor Teuku Vishnu
Popular actress Shireen Sungkar
2009 SCTV Awards 2009 Ngetop Program Cinta Fitri Season 3
Popular Actor Teuku Vishnu
Popular actress Shireen Sungkar
Popular Supporting Actor Adly Fairuz
Popular Supporting Actress Dinda Kanyadewi
Panasonic Awards 2009 Favorite Actor Teuku Vishnu
Favorite Actress Shireen Sungkar
2010 Panasonic Gobel Awards 2010 Favorite Drama Series Cinta Fitri Season 5
MURI record Special Trophy for Longest Soap Opera Record Breaker of All Time Cinta Fitri – Gold Award
SCTV Awards 2010 Ngetop Program Cinta Fitri Season 6
Popular Actor Teuku Vishnu
Popular actress Shireen Sungkar
Popular Supporting Actor Adly Fairuz
Popular Supporting Actress Dinda Kanyadewi

So, that’s the synopsis and the main cast of the legendary Cinta Fitri soap with millions of viewers and a number of awards won.

For those of you who are curious about the full story, you can watch soap opera Cinta Fitri on YouTube MD Entertainment!


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