Back to Trading, FILM Shares Drop by 15%

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – PT MD Pictures Tbk (FILM) shares experienced the highest decline in early trading session I today. In fact, this stock was only actively traded again today after being sanctioned by a temporary suspension of trading (suspension).

In nearly an hour and a half of trading, FILM shares fell 15.3% or lost 240 points to a price level of Rp 1,305/share. The total volume of transactions was recorded at 19.78 million units of shares valued at Rp 26.4 billion.

Since the initial listing of its shares last month, FILM’s share price has gone up to 554.76% of the share value at the time of the initial offering or the initial share price when transacted was Rp 210/share

The Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) yesterday decided to reopen PT MD Pictures Tbk (FILM) stock trading which had been suspended since August 23 2018.



The suspension of these shares is the second time these shares have been suspended from trading by the stock exchange. Previously, on August 15, the IDX also carried out a suspension in the context of cooling down to provide sufficient time for market players to consider the information on the company controlled by Manoj Punjabi.

Responding to the condition of the shares, MD Pictures Main Director Manoj Punjabi said the increase in the share price of the company he built was because investors felt close and wanted to own the company. In addition, this company is the first film producer to take the floor on the capital market.

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