Second Day After Suspension, FILM Shares Increase 7.32%

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Just two days after the transaction was sanctioned by the suspension of the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX), PT MD Pictures Tbk (FILM)’s share price shot up again. A few minutes since the opening of today’s trading, the shares owned by Manoj Punjabi have strengthened 7.32% to a price of IDR 1,320 per share.

These shares traded as many as 5.71 million shares with a value of IDR 7.51 billion.

This is inversely proportional to what happened at the start of trading yesterday Thursday (13/9), in almost an hour and a half of trading, FILM shares fell 15.3% or lost 240 points to a price level of Rp 1,305/share. The total volume of transactions was recorded at 19.78 million units of shares valued at Rp 26.4 billion.

Since the initial listing of its shares last month, FILM’s share price has skyrocketed to 528.57% from its initial offering price of Rp 210 per share.



Recorded since August 7, this stock has been included in the category of shares with unusual market activity (UMA) and has been suspended from trading twice by the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX).

Responding to the condition of the shares, MD Pictures Main Director Manoj Punjabi said the increase in the share price of the company he built was because investors felt close and wanted to own the company. In addition, this company is the first film producer to take the floor on the capital market.

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