Back Wild, FILM’s Stock Price Gained 49.59% in Two Days

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Investors are again hunting for shares of PT MD Pictures Tbk (FILM) which made its share price immediately shoot high in today’s trading (4/12/2018).

As of 09:24 WIB, the share price had strengthened 25% to Rp 950 per share. FILM has been traded 609 times with a volume of 2.08 million shares. The total transaction was IDR 1.91 billion.

The rise in FILM’s share price today continues the rise in share price the day before. On Monday (3/12/2018) FILM’s share price strengthened 24.59%. Currently FILM’s market capitalization reaches 9.04 trillion.



It is not yet clear why FILM shares are being chased by investors again. However, since listing its shares on the Indonesia Stock Exchange on August 7 2018, FILM shares have been in great demand by investors, which caused the share price to rise by up to 623.81%.

During the IPO, FILM’s share price was valued at Rp 210 per share. With the highest price of IDR 1,510 per share.

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