Causes of Wild Motion FILM Stocks Revealed! It’s a Management Word

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Film issuer PT MD Pictures Tbk. (FILM) answered questions from the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) regarding transaction volatility. The IDX asks for material information or facts that may affect the value of company securities or investors’ investment decisions.



It is known that film shares owned by Manoj Punjabi, namely PT MD Pictures Tbk (FILM), managed to shoot up more than 20% in trading session I on Tuesday (30/5/2023) last week. As of 12:00 WIB that day, FILM shares had soared 20.28% to a price of Rp 2,550 per share.

The week before, FILM shares had shot up to 32.12%, even though on Monday’s trade (29/5/2023) it had fallen 6.19% and almost touched the lower auto reject (ARB).

FILM Corporate Secretary Fidela Hasworini also answered that his party had submitted an advertisement for the general meeting of shareholders (GMS) in which one of the agenda items was a plan to increase capital by pre-emptive shares (PMHMETD).

The private placement plan is to issue a maximum of 1,902,243,400 new shares or 20% of the issued and fully paid capital. It is planned that the agenda will seek approval through the Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders on June 9, 2023.

Then, Fidela stated that it had submitted all material information or facts. FILM has submitted various important company information on the IDX website and the company’s website related to the private placement plan as well as the Financial Report.

Regarding information/facts/other important material events, Fidela explained that the film made by MD Pictures had been successfully launched.

“The company has successfully released the film Sewu Dino, which has reached more than 4.8 million viewers,” said Fidela in an information disclosure quoted on Tuesday (6/6/2023).

Then, he stated that the company was not aware of the activities of certain shareholders.

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