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Junieloo, Writer of Princess And The Boss shared her experience from writing as a hobby to making her story into a series

Writer Princess And The Boss, Junieloo, shared a lot about the process of making stories until they were finally made into a series by MD Entertainment together with Umbara Brothers Film. Starting from just writing as a hobby, suddenly it can be famous. Come on, see Junieloo’s experience!

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Junieloo, Writer of Princess And The Boss: From Writing as a Hobbyist to Making a Series of Stories

Here is Junieloo’s experience from writing Princess And The Boss story fad until the story was made into a series!

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Stories about Novel Princess And The Boss

The novel Princess And The Boss tells about Naraka who is described as a handsome and wealthy young man. Naraka is a restaurateur. Keira and her gang often visit Naraka’s restaurant.

Naraka dreams of a woman who is mature and wise, but instead meets Keira.

“In fact, I met Keira, who was the other way around. Keira is a sassy, ​​cheerful, cheerful person, and really likes makeup. So, this novel also tells about makeup,” said Junieloo.

Process of Novel Princess And The Boss Being Made into a Series by MD Entertainment and Umbara Brothers Film

Initially, Junieloo wrote the story and uploaded it on the Wattpad application. Then, after many readers, Junieloo made it into a novel version. This is what he said, “At first it was a fad, but it turned out that he was right for MD, the title sold. The creative team is interested, lah. In the end, it was made into a series, Alhamdulillah, I didn’t expect it to be that fast.”

This is the reaction of Junieloo and fans after knowing that Princess and The Boss was being made into a series

“First, there are lots of comments on Wattpad. I asked the publisher too. I’m so happy. Junieloo doesn’t know, right, so when I got the news, it was a miracle for me. Many of Rizky’s and Syifa’s fans also say that they are really suitable for playing Keira and Naraka. The reactions were all positive,” said Junieloo.

The Characters of Keira and Naraka Inspired by Someone? Is it true?

As it turns out, Keira’s character was inspired by Junieloo, who really likes makeup. However, Keira’s childish, childish and noisy nature was inspired by the main character in the film Wild Child. Meanwhile, as a whole, Keira and Naraka emerged from Junieloo’s own imagination.

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How involved is Junieloo in the process of making the Princess and The Boss series?

Junieloo admits that he handed over the writing of the script entirely to the creative team. “Because Princess And The Boss was just a fad at first, like a novel made according to market interest. As it turned out, the market really liked it, and the title sold surprisingly,” said Junieloo.

Will the results of the Princess and The Boss Series be able to fulfill the imagination as a writer?

“That’s right!” Junieloo exclaimed. As the writer of Princess And The Boss, Junieloo feels that the visuals match what is depicted through the writing.

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Difference between Novel and Series Princess And The Boss

“If it’s different, there must be a lot of it. Because, between the novel and the series audience is different. If it’s a series, right, think about visuals and many aspects. If it’s a novel, right, just think about the reader. So, I don’t know about the good and bad for the series, so I handed it over directly to the creative team,” commented Junieloo.

Junieloo’s Most Waiting Scene from the Princess And The Boss Series

Junieloo said that there were no specific scenes, in fact all scenes. “I, right, saw the BTS. Then, many are tagged too. So, I can’t choose, really, because everyone must be waiting for it, “he said.

Why Do People Need to Read Novels or Watch Series Princess And The Boss?

“This is a story that doesn’t suck. I made Keira’s character into a resilient character, and she also entertained. Not just an ordinary romance, but there is comedy. So, those of you who are too late, maybe watching this video will immediately wow, that’s it,” said Junieloo.

Junieloo’s Message to Readers or Viewers of Princess And The Boss

Here’s Junieloo’s message, “Don’t forget to watch the original. If possible, follow my Wattpad, Junieloo!”

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