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Got Superpower at 17 Years Old

Are you a big fan of Randy Pangalila? You must watch this soap opera, Randy Pangalila, Tiger Man! Human Tiger soap opera is soap opera produced by MD Entertainmentt and you can watch it in full on MD Entertainment’s YouTube channel, you know. Before watching, let’s discuss the synopsis and the names of the following Tiger Man players!

Link to watch the soap opera Tiger Man:

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Human Tiger soap opera, Has Superpower like a Wolf at 17 Years Old!

The soap opera Orang Harimauu was produced by MD Entertainment and directed by Bambang Irwan. This soap opera premiered on September 4, 2014 on MNCTV.

Randy Pangalila plays the main character also in this soap opera, guys. Randy Pangalila is the Arga Tiger Man player. If you’ve watched on MNCTV before, surely you remember the character.

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Well, apart from Randy Pangalila, here’s a list of the cast for the soap opera Harimauu Man:

  • Randy Pangalila as Arga.
  • Vebby Palwinta as Citra.
  • Kevin Kambey as Bara.
  • Rayn Wijaya as Bemby.
  • Sarah Watson as Naomi.
  • Angbeen Rishi as Nora.
  • Shandy Syarif as Siswono.
  • Thomas Joseph as Haryobimo.
  • Indra Kharisma as Bombom.
  • Kriss Hatta as Typhoon.
  • Vitta Mariana as Mrs. Susan.
  • Irene Librawati as Arumi.
  • Jonathan Frizzy as Mr. Galih.
  • Eman as Mr. Dudung.
  • Elscant Wifesa as Reno.
  • Akina Fathia as Jihan.
  • Margin Winaya as Firly.
  • Moniq Crasivaya as Erin.
  • Atalarik Syah as Dito.
  • Zack Lee as Datuk Maha Sakti.
  • Durno as Ultimate.
  • Resha Putri as Kanaya.

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Synopsis of Human Tiger soap opera

Who would have thought that Arga was a tiger man? Nothing, right? In a way, Arga is a geeky high school boy who attends Bunga Bangsa High School. So geeky, Arga doesn’t have many friends at school.

However, after her 17th birthday, Arga seemed to have gotten a miracle. Arga’s body suddenly turns into a macho, good at basketball, and can also turn into a tiger man.

With his new superpower, Arga doesn’t believe it at first, but Bemby, his geeky and smart friend, always tries to find information on Google about the strange things that Arga is experiencing. As a result, Bemby dared to say that Arga was a descendant of a tiger man.

Unfortunately, Arga is often bothered by his super strength, because when he gets emotional, Arga can instantly turn into a human tiger. That way, Arga has the lust to kill.

Arga’s change that he couldn’t control made Arga chaotic. The good thing is, Bemby always tries to help.

Bemby also tells Arga that to be able to fully control his emotions is to remember the person he loves. This method is enough to help Arga to be calmer. Arga always remembers Citra whenever her emotions arise.

As time went on, Arga and Bemby realized that some of the people near them were lion men; Bara, Reno, and Bombom. Apparently, they carry past grudges to eliminate the tiger human offspring.

Meanwhile, Arga and Image are getting closer, they feel the vibrations in their hearts to love each other.

In the midst of this conflict, the character Siswono appears. Siswono believes that Arga is a tiger man, and suddenly Siswono really wants to destroy Arga, because Siswono wants to separate Cita from Arga. Siswono also doesn’t want Citra to die because of his love for Arga.

Why? Because, fellow descendants of tiger humans cannot marry each other. Siswono is afraid that if Citra and Arga are not separated immediately, one day they will get married. From there, death can be their curse.

So, that’s the Tiger Man cast and the synopsis. For those of you who are curious about the full story, hurry up watch the soap opera Tiger Man on MD Entertainment’s YouTube channel now!


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