KRAS & Muamalat Rights Issue, Mandiri Service is Normal Again

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Last weekend, the domestic stock market closed up 0.83% to a level of 6,456.54. The JCI has strengthened since the beginning of trading due to sentiment that Bank Indonesia’s benchmark interest rate was reduced by 25 basis points to 5.75%.

The JCI’s performance was in line with all the main stock exchanges in the Asian region, which were compactly traded in the green zone: the Nikkei index jumped 2%, the Shanghai index shot up 0.79%, the Hang Seng index jumped 1.07%, the Straits Times index rose 0.48%, and the Kospi index added 1.35%.

Before trading today, Monday (22/7/2019) opens, it is better to look again at the actions and events of issuers as compiled in the CNBC Indonesia news:



1. Krakatau Steel Will Have Rights Issue in Quarter IV-2019
State-owned steel producer PT Krakatau Steel Tbk (KRAS) plans to increase capital through a mechanism rights issue or issuance of new shares by granting preemptive rights (HMETD) in the fourth quarter of this year.

Silmy Karim, Main Director of Krakatau Steel explained, currently his party has obtained permission from the House of Representatives to issue Preemptive Rights of 10% of the company’s issued capital. It’s just that, Silmy has not specified how many targeted funds will be raised in this corporate action.

This effort, continued Silmy, is in line with KRAS’ efforts to restructure debt and improve the company’s performance.
“The focus is now on debt and business restructuring, how do we optimize our subsidiary. The fourth quarter of this year (rights issue) at the earliest,” said Silmy Karim at the Indonesia Stock Exchange, Friday (19/7/2019).

2. Manoj Punjabi Earns IDR 173 Billion Selling FILM Shares, Cash 150%
The President Director of PT MD Graha Utama, who is also the majority shareholder of PT MD Pictures Tbk (FILM), Manoj Dhamoo Punjabi, has just received cuan by selling its shares in MD Pictures.

From the disclosure of information submitted to the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX), Manoj reported that he had sold 247 million units of FILM shares, or around 2.6% of the total number of shares listed.

The FILM shares sold by Manoj were released at a price of IDR 700/unit on July 9 2019. This means that Manoj received IDR 172.9 billion from the transaction.

3. IPO, Kencana Energi Offers IDR 250-420/Share
A company engaged in the power generation business, PT Kencana Energi Lestari Tbk offers an initial public offering price of IDR 250 – IDR 420 per share in an initial public offering (IPO) on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX).

The company targets to be listed on the stock exchange on August 20 with the ticker code KEEN.

In this IPO agenda, the company will release as many as 977.68 million common shares or a maximum of 25% of the company’s issued and paid-up capital. Thus, from this IPO event, the company is aiming for fresh funds of IDR 245 billion to IDR 410 billion.

4. With Rp. 140 billion, Indika controls 100% of Multi Tambangjaya’s shares

PT Indika Energy Tbk (INDY) officially owns 100% of mining company shares PT Multi Tambangjaya Utama following the completion of the sale transaction of 2.62 million shares (15%) by Prime Empire Investment Pte Ltd.

The investment company from Hong Kong officially sold 2.62% of Multi Tambangjaya’s shares to Indika Energy’s subsidiary, Indika Capital Investments Pte. Ltd.

Thus, Multi Tambangjaya’s share ownership consists of PT Indika Indonesia Resources with 85% or 14.88 million shares and Indika Capital with 15%. Both are subsidiaries of Indika Energy.

5.Tower Bersama shares are traded at IDR 1 trillion on the Negotiable Market

PT Tower Bersama Infrastructure Tbk (TBIG) stock transactions were transacted on the negotiating market in jumbo quantities until this Friday afternoon (19/7/2019), to be exact Rp. 1.07 trillion.

From trading records online trading a security today, the total amount of transactions in the negotiating market involves 269.05 million company shares at various prices, namely Rp. 4,000-Rp. 4,353/share, far below the price in the regular market of Rp. 4,360/share or discounted by 0.16% -8.25%.

The transaction was facilitated by several stock brokerage companies, namely PT Macquarie Sekuritas Indonesia (coded RX stock broker), PT JPMorgan Sekuritas Indonesia (BK), PT Mahakarya Artha Sekuritas (XL), and PT Credit Suisse Sekuritas Indonesia (CS).

6. Bank Muamalat Right Issue Confirmed to Continue

It is certain that the plans for a Limited Public Offering or rights issue for PT Bank Muamalat Indonesia Tbk will continue. Currently, the corporate action is still in process.

“We can inform you that the rights issue process at Bank Muamalat cannot be said to have failed because until now the process is still ongoing as approved at the GMS,” said the Head of Corporate Affairs – Corporate Secretary, company, Hayunaji in Jakarta, Sunday (21/ 7/2019).

This was conveyed by the management of Bank Muamalat in response to CNBC Indonesia’s news about Bank Muamalat’s rights issue failed three times.

7. Increase and minus balance, Bank Mandiri emphasizes not fraud!

PT Bank Mandiri (Persero) Tbk (BMRI) confirmed that there was an error in the system which caused the customer’s balance to change, so it didn’t happen fraud or cheating.

This error is more caused by system failure, due to memory defects or memory defects in hardware (hardware). This causes customer balances to be exchanged so that some increase and some decrease.

Since Saturday morning, customers have complained that their accounts have decreased drastically, some have even increased. Bank Mandiri said that 10 percent or around 1.5 million customers were affected by this incident.

“There are balances that increase and decrease, this is proof that it is not fraud, because fraud usually decreases,” said Bank Mandiri Corporate Secretary Rohan Hafas, at a press conference this Saturday at Plaza Mandiri, Jakarta, (20/07/2019).

Post process of normalizing customer account balancesPT Bank Mandiri Tbk (BMRI) ensure that all services return to normal operations. These services include standalone online, internet banking, SMS bankingATMs and EDCs.

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