Manoj Punjabi Makes Films with Hollywood Filmmakers and Actors

Wayan Diananto | 7 October 2017 | 15:15 WIB

TABLOIDBINTANG.COM – Producer Manoj Punjabi (42) introduces the latest horror film Devil’s Whisper. The film will be released October 19. Manoj Punjabi mention, Devil’s Whisper starring a number of foreign actors such as Luca Oriel, Tessie Santiago, Alison Fernandez, and Marcos Ferraez. The only Indonesian actor who appears in this film, Luna Maya. Manoj Punjabi said that it has been his desire to produce films with foreign filmmakers and actors for a long time.

“Since 7 years ago I have been cultivating this dream. I once wrote an article for a magazine. In that article I said, my mission is to go to Hollywood to make films. Make films in Hollywood under the name MD Pictures. So, this is an Indonesian production with quality Hollywood is working with foreign directors and writers,” he explained Manoj Punjabi in South Jakarta, last Friday (6/10).

Manoj Punjabi add, Devil’s Whisper one of his attempts brought brands Indonesia to America. It’s not easy to introduce yourself to Hollywood. Because of the difficulty, Manoj Punjabi calls this effort like salt in the ocean. However, producer Paragraphs of love and Habibie & Ainun it keeps trying. Devil’s Whisper is the first project.

“I hope to produce 10 films with foreign actors and filmmakers. This will open a bridge for film distribution. I have offered Devil’s Whisper abroad. Thank God, 20-50 percent of countries in the world are interested. There are those who buy it to be converted to video format, there are those who buy it to be played in theaters,” he concluded Manoj Punjabi.

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