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Synopsis of soap opera Tasbih Cinta, When Envy Lights a Fire!

Soap opera Tasbih Cinta is a soap opera produced by MD Entertainment and starring Laudya Chyntia Bella, Andrew Andika, and many other well-known artists. Want to know the soap opera synopsis and cast list for the Tasbih Cinta soap opera? Check out the complete list below, OK!

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Link to watch soap Tasbih Cinta:

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Soap opera Tasbih Cinta, soap opera Laudya Cynthia Bella released in 2008

The soap Tasbih Cinta was produced by MD Entertainment which premiered on Indosiar on August 11, 2008. This soap was directed by Mukhta Dhod and Peppy Piona.

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The soap opera cast of Tasbih Cinta are also cool, guys, including:

  • Laudya Cynthia Bella as Bella.
  • Andrew Andika as jojo.
  • Bayu Kusuma State as Rafi.
  • Alessia Cestaro as Lina.
  • Bobby Tince as Elsie.
  • Helsi Herlinda as Julaeha.
  • Dicky Chandra as Supri.
  • Indra Permana Putra as Arva.
  • Rini Yulianti as Aurel.
  • Nella Anne as Kasih.
  • Zora Vidyanata as Dance.
  • Benny Ruswandi as Surya.
  • Krisna Murti Wibowo as Susilo.
  • Nenny Triana as Grandmother Sari.
  • Laurenzia Anggraini as Monica.
  • Glady Zean as Kiky.
  • Windy Wulandari as Rossa.

Synopsis of Andrew Andika and Laudya Cynthia Bella’s soap opera, Tasbih Cinta

Tasbih Cinta tells about feelings of envy that can ignite a fire, you know. This jealousy starts with Surya, who doesn’t like seeing Andi and his family’s success. Out of jealousy, Surya wants to take Andi’s place, but the way he does it is very dirty. Surya makes Andi’s family woe and at the same time steals his fortune.

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Surya never realizes that Bella, Andi’s only child, actually survived the accident caused by Surya.

Bella was raised by the couple Supri and Juleha, from a poor family who have a daughter named Lina.

The Supri and Juleha families sell satay to be able to get money to pay for Lina’s sick treatment.

Bella helps Supri and Juleha to sell satay every day.

One day, Rafi, a handsome young man but a playboy, suddenly crashes into Bella’s satay cart and breaks it. Bella asked for compensation for the damage to her cart. Instead of helping, Rafi just ran away.

Bella did not remain silent.

Meanwhile, Rafi’s family is tired of Rafi’s attitude, whose hobby is spending money, changing girlfriends all the time, and not holding a sense of responsibility.

Surya, Rafi’s father, also punished Rafi by withdrawing all the facilities along with Rafi’s pocket money. Surya hopes that Rafi can change his character for the better like his older brother, Jojo.

Rafi is still not deterred by the punishment his father gave him. However, when Rafi meets Bella again, Rafi suddenly wants to play a trick on Jojo.

Rafi gives Bella a job and some money on the condition that Bella obeys his orders to approach Jojo.

But, did the plan work? What will Surya do when he finds out that Rafi has met Bella, Andi’s daughter who survived an accident caused by Surya?

If you are curious about the Tasbin Cinta soap opera, go straight to it watch full episodes of soap opera Tasbih Cinta only on MD Entertainment’s YouTube channel!


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