The Story Makes Goosebumps Say the Artist!

When is Jurnal Risa The Series aired? It’s been broadcast since May 27, 2023, guys! You really have to watch it, say the artists, the story of the Risa Journal series gives goosebumps! What are the comments from the players, Risa’s family, artists and influencers who have watched two episodes of Jurnal Risa The Series?

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This is the Response of the Artists and Players of the Risa Series on the First Two Episodes

The Risa Journal Premiere Gala which was held at CGV Grand Indonesia in May 2023 was attended by a number of content creators, artists, and Risa Journal players for sure. The screening of the Risa Journal series consists of two episodes.

Well, this is the response of the artists, performers, and Risa’s family to the Risa The Series Journal, which is dworked on by MD Entertainment!

The first, of course, the most anticipated answer is from the family Risa Saraswati, yes. Journal of Risa The Series is adapted from the true story experienced by Risa’s family.

“Just watched the first and second episodes of Jurnal Risa The Series. It really reminds us of what it was like when we were little. It’s written there. Even though it’s only been two episodes,” commented Ranggana Purwana alias A Angga, Risa Saraswati’s oldest sibling.

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Nicko and Gemma also have the same opinion as Angga. “More or less throwbacks. It’s really exciting and I’m looking forward to what the next episode will be like,” said Nicko. Here’s an addition from Gemma, “Why are we all this compact, that’s because we used to go everywhere together and explore everything. So, yeah, that’s how we are as a family, that’s it.”

Fahrul, a content creator who always participates in Risa Journal searches, commented that he felt scared when the first episode aired. “There were some that were scary to the point of getting goosebumps at the beginning that I was deaf to, I was shocked and really scared,” he said.

“I see, all the children’s characters who play us really represent our character. From Nicko who is very, very kind, brave, obedient to his parents. Anyway, we enjoyed watching it and were really touched,” added Riana alias Riri, Risa Saraswati’s younger sister.

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Apart from the Risa family, here are the comments from the players who watched the JurnalRisa Series!

D’Bangors, consisting of Adzriel, Fairel, and Fatir, admitted that Jurnal Risa The Series was very interesting and fun. In fact, they didn’t expect any jumpscares. This makes them curious about the next episode.

Sheryl Drisanna who plays the character Dewi in Risa The Series Journal commented, “To be honest, I’m really speechless. What I’ve been waiting for is finally out. I can see my face, can see Om Awi’s work and all of us who play our characters wholeheartedly.”

Not only Sheryl, Kulon actor Quentin Stanislavski also said that the story of Risa The Series Journal was very exciting. “So curious about the next episode,” he said.

The husband and wife pair in the Risa Journal The Series, Khiva Iskak and Putri Ayudya gave their responses to the Risa Journal series. “Surprisingly, I was immediately happy watching it. Maybe we did the shooting but not all the scenes, right, we were there. Especially my scene is not as much as Papap’s. There are still a lot of surprises indeed. However, this film has great colors, I like the music, and the kids are really cool at it!”

Do you want to know what content creators have to say? Here, more!

“This is very exciting, even though the genre is horror, the emotions are stirred. It’s not only scary, but it’s funny and tense too. I was given the opportunity to see the small figures of Risa’s siblings when they first felt, saw, and interacted directly with ghosts. You have to watch it on Disney+ Hotstar!” said Filo Sebastian, a content creator who can see ghosts just like Risa Saraswati’s family!

If you like watching TikTok, you must be familiar with Bondol JPG, Ganta, Alayandro, and Mody, right? This is their response to the Risa Journal series!

“Very exciting, bombastic! There’s a thrill, he cried. I kinda want to watch it again. This is, right, that’s an adventure, right? So what are we like, anyway, next? That’s it!” said Ganta and Bondol JPG.

The comments were continued by Alayandro and Mody, “There are lots of jumpscares. I think we’ll continue it later, because I’ve only watched two episodes and they’re already very entertaining. Perfect for watching with the family.”

“Must watch. WBL! It’s a must! cried Bondol JPG, Ganta, Alayandro, and Mody.

So, for those of you who haven’t watched it, hurry up and watch the Risa Journal Series Disney+ Hotstar! Airing every Saturday, guys, let’s watch it together or with your family!


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