Wanting to be Acquired by FILM, Take a Peek at INDY’s Traces Behind Net TV

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Along with PT MD Pictures Tbk (FILM)’s plan to increase capital, news emerged that the company will acquire PT Net Visi Media Tbk (NETV).

The news sent FILM’s stock flying. The management of the company owned by Manoj Punjabi has also provided an explanation to the Exchange regarding stock volatility.

Despite the truth regarding the news of the planned acquisition, it turns out that there are traces of the coal conglomerate behind Net TV’s screen.



Based on NETV’s IPO prospectus data, the controlling party and the party that is the ultimate shareholder of Net Visi Media is PT Sinergi Lintas Media which is controlled by Agus Lasmono.

Currently, PT Sinergi Lintas Media owns 71.43%, PT Spirit Bambu Runcing 8.81%, and PT Indika Inti Holdiko 7.69%.

So, Agus Lasmono currently serves as President Commissioner of PT Indika Inti Holdiko and Main Commissioner of PT Indika Energy Tbk (INDY) which focuses on working in the coal mining sector.

As for INDY, the man whose full name is Agus Lasmono Sudwikatmono is the owner and controller of PT Indika Inti Investindo, which is the controlling shareholder of Indika Energy.

PT Indika Inti Investindo itself controls INDY shares of 37.79%. Then as much as 30.65% of INDY’s shares are controlled by PT Teladan Resources, a company owned by the Wiwoho Basuki Tjokronegoro family. Then, the remaining 31.28% is controlled by public investors.

INDY’s official website notes that Agus Lasmono is the founder and owner of Indika Energy. Prior to serving as President Commissioner, he served as vice president commissioner of Indika Energy from 2007 to 2017.

In 2010, Agus Lasmono became one of the richest young people according to Forbes with a net worth of US$ 845 million. That year, Agus was the 24th richest person in the country.

Apart from INDY, Agus Lasmono also serves as President Commissioner of PT Net Mediatama Televisi (since 2012), PT Indika Inti Corpindo (since 2004) and PT Indika Inti Holdiko (since 2004), as well as President Director of PT Indika Multi Media (since 2002) .

Previously, Agus also served as Commissioner of Kideco (2004-2017), as well as Independent Commissioner of PT Surya Citra Media Tbk. (2005-2013) and PT Surya Citra Televisi (2005-2013).

This 49-year-old man earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from Pepperdine University, Malibu, California, USA in 1993 and a Masters degree in International Business from West Coast University, Los Angeles, California, USA in 1995.

Agus Lasmono is the biological son of the late Indonesian businessman Sudwikatmono. During his lifetime, Sudwikatmono held positions in a number of Salim Group companies.

Dwi, as Sudwikatmono is affectionately called, is known to be a close business partner of Liem Sioe Liong, alias Sudono Salim, the founder of the Salim Group. Dwi is also the cousin of the second Indonesian President, the late Suharto.

The beginning of the establishment of Net Visi Media was in 2004, then in 2013 the company together with PT Industri Mitra Media (IMM), which is also a subsidiary of Net Visi Media, acquired 100% ownership stake from PT Televisi Anak Spacetoon (Spacetoon).

Due to the acquisition of share ownership, Spacetoon’s broadcast on the terrestrial network changed its name to PT Net Mediatama Televisi (NMTV) or better known as NET.

Since then, Net Visi Media through its subsidiary, NMTV, was granted permission to broadcast nationally.

The main business activities of Net Visi Media and its subsidiaries are currently in the television broadcasting industry, digital media, and content creation through subsidiary companies and artist management.

Meanwhile, Net Visi Media and its subsidiaries are targeting the millennial-GenX and middle-affluent market segments and the female, family and children television audience segments in running their business.

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